What the hell????

I looked at my profile and under my "interests" were, Kanye West, Snowboarding, and Brad Pitt???? Whuh??? You can't add them yourself, but LiveJournal does. You can only delete them.

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Pompeii and Vesuvius, originally uploaded by Cynrtst.

I have finally got something to write about! We got a cute little girl turtle named Pompeii, to join Vesuvius in our turtle tank. It will be a little bit harder to clean, but it's already worth it. Since she came from a Petco tank with lots of other turtles, she is very competitive about food when it hits the tank. She lunges for the food and gets it before Vesuvius.


Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving all!  I know I don't post much, but this is a holiday.  I miss everyone who is not with me.

Mike & I celebrated our 20th anniversary yesterday.  We are going to LA Contemporary Museum of Art tomorrow, to see Dali.  I can't wait!

Gash of a lifetime

I finally have something to post about!  I was getting the glasses yesterday (Monday) for dinner and one slipped and hit the tile, shattered and bounced up to rip a gash on the outside of my little finger where it meets the palm of my hand.  Pretty deep, went to the Emergency room and got 5 stitches!  I think that is about the third time ever I had stitches! 

It aches a lot and I can't get it wet for a week.   I have to get the stitches out in 2 weeks.  That is all.